Open Data Policy

Open government data is available to all. Everyone has the right to republish or distribute it without technical, financial, or legal restrictions.


The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain prioritizes data sharing with the public, which it perceives to be an essential step towards enhancing transparency and accountability in matters relating to governance. To achieve this objective, the Government is committed to publishing open data to encourage cooperation between all segments of society (citizens, residents, visitors, and business owners) and include them as partners. Which will lead to innovative solutions to help overcome challenges and create a higher quality of life for the public.


The Open Data Policy (PDF, 14 pages) sheds light on the Government’s commitment to making non-sensitive data more accessible and easily shareable, a milestone commercial and social achievement for the Kingdom.


Open Data consists of two sections:


  1. Open Data Strategy

This allows taking instant procedures that encourage the use of public data and applying them to a wide scope, which will improve the quality of life and incentivize commercial activities, in turn leading to a better society and stronger national economy.


  1. Open Data Policy

This streamlines access to the Government’s data, which is being periodically updated and made available for individuals or computer programs, via the National Open Data Portal ( as per Law (16) of 2014 regarding the protection of information and state documents, Law (30) of 2018 regarding personal data protection, and other relevant policies, laws, and regulations.


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