What it’s about?

The open Data Platform is an important initiative for the Kingdom of Bahrain as it aims to implement a public data hub and a strategy for open data to enable transparency and promote eParticipation. The primary objective of the Data Platform is to publish datasets from ministries and government agencies in a manipulative format, and making this data available to the public. Channels of eParticipation are enabled also to receive your constructive feedback on this platform along with your ideas on how the data can be used.


Find public datasets released by several ministries and governmental entities. Here are some featured datasets:

Green Box Kingdom of Bahrain Imports and Exports for 2009
Issued by: Central Information Organization

Green Box Health Resources (2005-2009)
Issued by: Ministry of Health

Green Box No. of Students and Classrooms at Government Education by Level, Type of Education and Sex: 2009/2010
Issued by: Ministry of Education


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We are pleased to introduce this Blog as a platform for direct interaction with the public, to receive comments and opinions about the open data platform. Join the discussion with Mr. Nezar Maroof, Director of Strategy Management and IT Process Reengineering at the eGovernment Authority, who will personally interact with the users on “Open Data in Smart Mobility Context”, the role of open data platform in enhancing transparency, innovation and efficiency, types of data, and partnership with educational & private institutions for the development of open data applications.


We are pleased to receive your ideas about how data available in this platform can be used. Here are some featured ideas:

Green Box Traffic Congestion Alerts
Submitted by: Dr. Robert Boldi

Green Box Tamkeen training unemployed individuals per governorate
Submitted by: Suad Alshakrani

Green Box Results of Educational and Training Institutions
Submitted by:Mohammed Ahmadi