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Youth and Sports       Finance    

List of National clubs,Sport Facilities,Youth Centers and Youth Specialized Centers for Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs :

1- National Clubs 

2- Sport Facilities

3- Youth Centers

4- Youth Specialized Centers


List of all the economic agreements and free trade agreements between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab and foreign countries and Laws released by ministry of finance regarding the financial affairs of the kingdom:

1-Economic and Free Trade Agreements (Arabic only)

2-Laws and Regulations issued by Ministry of Finance

3-Total State Budgeted Revenues and Expenditures for the financial years 


List of Hospital and Center Pharmacies ,Pharmacies,Health Products ,Healthcare Facilities ,Functional Food Products ,Drug Prices ,Ayurvedic Products and General Health Statistics

1-Hospital and Center Pharmacies


3-Health Products

4-Healthcare Facilities

5- Functional Food Products

6-Drug Prices

7-Ayurvedic Products

8-Health Statistics

  This file includes data showing the number of population by gender and age groups , governorates and constituencies .        
  This file includes data showing Consumer Price Index      This file includes data showing Social Security & Care Services 
  This file includes data showing Foreign Trade      This file includes data showing Electricity 
  This file includes data showing Area      This file includes data showing Mereorological Conditions



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