Policy on the Use of Unclassified (Open) Government Data


The Open Data Portal (“the Portal”) of the Government of Bahrain, available through www.data.gov.bh, provides all interested parties with easy access to a wealth of official data (the “Data”). Such Data is sourced, by the Central Informatics Organisation (“CIO”), from all Government entities based on their specific roles and responsibilities, and is made available through the Portal using several formats, including raw data and graphical representations.

Whilst the CIO shall spare no effort in enriching the Portal with up-to-date Data and statistics, use of the Data must adhere to, and by governed by, a number of principles to ensure the Portal serves its overarching objectives and facilitates the dissemination of Data in line with Bahrain Government’s strategy.

As such, the following Policy Principles shall be observed at all times:

1.    Access to the Data shall be simple and straightforward;

The Portal shall be easy to use and designed intuitively in order to improve the user experience, shorten the time required to find Data, and lower the learning curve required to build analytics using the Portal. The Portal shall use open formats and be standards-based to enable wider compliance with prevalent practices, including those set by the W3C for readability and accessibility.

2.    The Portal shall be updated in a timely fashion;

Data shall be uploaded to the Portal as soon as it is received by the CIO. The CIO shall put in place the necessary mechanisms to automate this process as much as possible to facilitate timely availability of Data to the public.

3.    There shall be no restrictions on the use of the Data;

The Data shall be offered without classification and with no restrictions on use, re-use, dissemination, or publication thereof. Data made available on the Portal shall have no expiry or other conditions affecting its validity.

4.    The Data formats used shall be open;

All Data published on the Portal shall be easily and readily usable using prevalent open formats, including without limitation, comma-separated values (CSV), tabulation, open database connectivity (ODBC), and other formats the CIO deems appropriate to facilitate easier use and manipulation by end users.

5.    There shall be very little to no analysis made to the Data; and

The Data shall be provided in a raw format with no analysis made. This shall not prevent the CIO displaying such Data on the Portal using graphical means, but any analysis shall be solely made by end-users.

6.    Use of the Data shall adhere to the principles of scientific research.

The Portal’s Terms of Use shall be observed at all times, and in particular the conditions of citing Data sources must be upheld by all parties, including end-users. The Data shall belong, at all times, and without exception, to the Government of Bahrain, and be made available by the CIO in accordance with this Policy statement and the Portal’s Terms of Use document.

The CIO may change this Policy statement from time-to-time. Such changes shall be notified through the Portal.

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